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Changing a revisioned templates file type in the next version (Platina LS 8.1.5 onwards) - Knowledgebase / Platina LS - Life Science

Changing a revisioned templates file type in the next version (Platina LS 8.1.5 onwards)

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In Platina LS 8.1.x onwards it is possible to change a templates base format. So a document that has an excel template for example could move to a word template. Some points to note:

  • This process is not standard controlled docs functionality and as such requires some database data changes to enable.
  • The document that is going to change format must have a revisioned template
  • A new version (draft/working copy) of the document must be created by the end user for the new template for be offered (or forced if that is set) to the end user.
  • This change may work in 8.0.x / SP7 however we have not tested it.

Process as follows:

1. As system administrator / document administrator

  • Identify the template(s) to be changed

  • Create a new working copy /draft of the revisioned template in Platina LS - this will create a copy of the old template in the document archive which we can replace.

2. As system administrator /Formpipe

  • Find propID details of the document template  (open form and hover over the ID)

  • Get the document details for the document template using the prop ID

SELECT documentID,statusid, path, templatepath, filename,guid, * from tObjProperties  obj

INNER JOIN tdocument doc ON obj.objectID=doc.documentID where propid=10196763

  • Add a file in archive with new template format document (Note: the first two letters of the GUID are the folder in Platina Document Archive/Active)

  • Update template to use docx in database (document ID is changed here to match the documentID returned in the query in the step above)

declare @oldext  nvarchar(6)

declare @newext nvarchar(6)

SET @oldext  = '.doc'

SET @newext  = '.xlxs'

UPDATE tDocument set  

path=REPLACE (path,@oldext ,@newext),

templatePath=REPLACE (templatePath,@oldext ,@newext),

guid=REPLACE (guid,@oldext ,@newext)

where documentID=79224

3. As system administrator / document administrator

  • Approve new template revision

4. As end user (to get the new template  / test the change)

  • Create working copy of document
  • User is asked to use new template

  • Select Yes
  • Working copy created with new template
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