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Creating a New Document using X-docs™

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Creating a New Document using X-docs™

To create a new document using an existing system template, select “New” from the X-docs™ ribbon. Where a template is not appropriate – no template will be presented to the user. To import an existing document which is external to the system, select “Upload”.

Click on “New” or “Upload” and a popup window will open requesting the selection of a Content Type. From the drop down menu one or more document types will appear. On selecting one the system will ask for applicable additional information (metadata).

Entering Metadata for a New Document

Enter the relevant metadata for the new document and click “Save”. The fields highlighted in purple are mandatory. “Name” indicates the filename to be given, whereas “Title” is the full working title of the document. “Additional Subject Matter Expert” can be individual(s) who are knowledgeable in the topic of the new document, and can be involved in the review workflow.

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