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Creating a new system or object - Knowledgebase / Platina LS - Life Science

Creating a new system or object

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How to create objects such as a piece of equipment or a machine

Creating a new system or object

As with most objects in the system (Cases, Documents etc.) system objects can be approved and thus will have a process/workflow assigned upon creation. 

·        From the Platina Home Page select the New Object tile

·        Select System/Object from the type drop down

·        You must enter a name for the object in the title field

·        Optionally enter a relevant description

·        If you wish to immediately add mandatory data to aid in the approval of the object check the Show Form checkbox.  If not ticked the object will not be searchable for up to five minutes

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The Owner metadata tab is opened upon creation when Show Form is checked.

·        Object owner (a relevant user within Platina) is a mandatory field to aid in Approval

·        From the relevant tab, objects can be related to one or more relevant related functions e.g. the Production department

·        Objects can be related to one or more related objects in the relevant tab

·        Add the issuer signatory and one or more approvers in the Signers tab.  The creator of the object will also receive a system task to assign the above signatories

Approval is not required to associate an object to other objects such as documents.  Note there is no list of system objects available.  To locate them Global search has to be utilised. 

All system objects can be displayed in the Related objects control by entering an Asterix into the control or alternatively start to type the name.

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