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How to use functions

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Version 8.1.x and above

Groups are mainly used for permissions, in relation to providing levels of access to documents and other objects.

Functions are like business departments or areas that you can relate objects such as documents or users to.

Users can only be a member of one function but can have multiple functions related to them, whereas users can be members of many groups.


To view members on a function then search for it and click on Edit Properties (Properties Form).
Then check under 'Related Users' 

To add members go to your user profile and select 'Related Functions' and then add to the function.

To create a function then you will need to do the following steps

  1. Go to the Home page within Platina LS and select the New Object option

  2. Select Function and tick ShowForm

  3. Within the form, you will need to set a Function Owner and Training group.

  4. If you lose the function then you can search for it and select the Property Form to edit it

  5. Add members as shown above

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