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How to use the Bulk Property Changer

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Bulk Document Selection Workflow and Feature Initiation Tools have been introduced to the software

The software has been updated to allow approval workflows and features within a single library to be triggered in bulk. Customers can select which of the following they would like to allow when selecting multiple documents.
1) Reset to Draft                    
2) Skip a Review Workflow                    
3) Start a Review Workflow                    
4) Start an Approval Workflow                    
5) Start a Periodic Review Workflow                    
6) Generate a Controlled Print File                    

Only documents at the same Document Status and Content Type can be selected at the same time. For example Documents at Draft.

Where appropriate, the bulk Property Changer tool will allow a user with appropriate permissions to apply a metadata change without re-sending the related records (for example, the property is not presented on the document).                    

Emails & Tasks aren't sent when amending values with the Bulk Property Changer. 

By default re-rendering a document is off, select the checkbox to re-render documents.

Using the Property Changer

Select multiple documents and then click on the usual Property Changer option (if it is greyed out then you have selected documents of different status or you don't have permission to use Property Changer)

Note in the below Rebuild has been selected to re-render the PDF.

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