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Platina LS recommendations

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This article will go over recommendations for Services and Components


  • The following Services should be set to Automatic (Delayed Start)
    Platina Process Engine
    Platina Search Indexer
    Platina document server
    PSIS (Platina Search Indexer)

  • Scheduled Restarts should be used for the following:
    Platina Process Engine
    PSIS (Platina Search Indexer)

    Within Task Scheduler,

    Set a schedule such as weekly or daily. This should be out of work hours.

    On action enter the following
    Example: NET STOP "SQL Server Reporting Services"

    For Elastic Search re-indexing this can be achieved by doing the following:
    /c PlatinaSearchIndexingService.exe /reindex
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Formpipe Software AB\Platina Indexing Service\

  • Increase the cache size for Document Convertor and Bookmark Updater, we often find the default size is set to 10mb for cache. Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\FormPipe Software AB\Bookmark Updater\Formpipe.Platina.Bookmarks.Updater.exe.config"
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