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Using Edge IE Compatibility Mode with Platina LS

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The parts of Platina LS  that utilise internet explorer will require users to access them from Microsoft Edge for most Windows 10 users from June 15, 2022 as this is the cut off date determined by Microsoft.

For SP7 this applies to the entire product, 8.0.x this applies to the admin/search and writer user interface and for 8.1.x this only applies to the IE search and system administration.

Formpipe has undertaken testing of Platina LS with the Edge compatibility mode and has not found any issues. We do however recommend customers make some checks for themselves to ensure that their local IT infrastructure is set up to support the transition. 

Set up

To use the compatibility mode the Platina LS url has to be added to the list of sites in Edge that use IE compatibility mode.

You can also open Edge and load it up and then go to settings > Default Browser and enable Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode. Add a site via Internet Explorer mode pages or go back to the tab and right click to load in IE mode as a once off.

If the user adds the site themselves then there is a default 30 day reset of this. This reset time can be extended to 90 days be Group Policy in the Microsoft Edge - Policies:

Alternatively and probably better for most users is the option to manage this centrally using Enterprise Mode and site list:


If the menus aren't loading correctly then we have found allowing insecure content in the settings (this is on a site-by-site basis) helps. Additionally compatibility mode can be running in IE11 and the only way to change this was to open dev tools via

Windows+R keys


Select Platina and change the document mode to 5 and/or change user agent string to IE6

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